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Distributions of musical instruments
and accessories worldwide.
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About the company

Lutner is one of the largest distributors of music instruments in Russia and CIS countries.

Founded in the late XX century, our company has come a long way from being a small firm to becoming a serious player on the music market. Today we work with more than 600 dealers, among them such well-known brands of the music industry as Hohner, Rico, Paiste, Pro-Mark, Vandoren, Evans, Hiwatt, Strunal, D’Addario, Elixir, Orla, Thomastik, Cherub, Amati, Kremona, La Bella, Schaller, Shadow and Sonor.

Lutner’s successful work during the last decade was recognized by the leading world rating publications. We are among the TOP-225 music companies in the world according to the magazine Music Trades. In 2013, the Union of the national business ratings, which includes Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus, recognized Lutner as the leading wholesaler. A confirmation of our success was Russia’s Leader 2013 award.

An important factor of Lutner’s success is correctly constructed logistics. Organized from scratch, today they ensure prompt delivery of products to any point of destination in Russia and CIS. We use all the possibilities of car, railroad, air and sea deliveries, so that our dealers receive products on time. No matter how difficult customer’s location is to access, our specialists will calculate an optimal route for a delivery of any volume of products.

Another advantage that all Lutner’s partners came to appreciate is translation of the descriptions of music instruments and sound equipment, instructions, documentation and certificates into Russian. Today, company’s website (Lutner.ru) provides descriptions of all the carried products – from violins or maracas to strings or self-teach books for playing accordion.

Using all the opportunities provided by internet, innovation technologies and new program conductors allows us constantly extend our dealers’ net: today it includes over 600 companies. We aspire to stay up-to-date and meet constantly changing demands of our buyers, whether it is a student of a music school or a professional symphonic orchestra. That is why we are always ready to consider interesting proposals and cooperation with new brands.

Reasons why it’s profitable to have a partner like Lutner in Russia:

  • We have a great experience of cooperation with producers of music and sound equipment from all over the world. We have a great experience of delivering products from Europe, America and Asia.
  • We deliver products to wholesalers and retailers all over the Eurasian Union. Moreover, we closely cooperate with music schools, colleges and institutes as well as with culture committees of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.
  • Well-developed logistics allow us to promptly receive and deliver goods to all the Russian territory (from Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok), Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.
  • Annual sales volume growth (approximately 15-20%), despite crisis and different economic disturbances, allows us to speak about effective management and correctly chosen development strategy of the company.
  • We don’t stay the same, understanding that in ever-changing world, every stop is dangerous. We are open for cooperation and new interesting proposals.